Do you carry all the items on the website in stock?

As we are a small retail outlet we can not always guarantee that we have everything in stock all the time. Our website is not attached to a stock system and we have customers who come in and buy things off the shelf.

What happens if the some of the items I want are not in stock?

We will contact you and check if you would like us to send out the items that are currently available or whether you would like to wait until we have everything. You will only be asked to pay for the items that we can supply at the time.

How and When do I pay?

We require payment before we ship your items.   You will only ever be asked to pay for the items we can supply you with.  Or in the case of a special overseas order we may ask for a deposit to be paid before we place the special order for you.

You can supply us with credit card details if this is your preferred payment option, or pay by direct credit into our bank account.

In all cases we will get in contact with you to confirm your order and the amount to be paid.